Bengaluru: The latest winged beauties which were inducted into the IAF give India phenomenal power to take on China in case of a war. 

We are talking of the magnificent Rafales, which arrived from France a few months ago. 

IAF chief RK Bhadauria is surely in awe of them! 

Ahead of the Air Force Day parade on October 8, he said, “Integration of Rafales brings in a platform which is way ahead and would give us an edge and capability to strike first and deep,” as quoted by ANI. 

The chief also expressed hope that the latest addition to the IAF fleet will be in full strength. 

He said, “In the next 3 years, we’ll see Rafale and LCA Mark 1 squadrons operating with full strength, along with additional MiG-29 being ordered in addition to current fleets.”

This is what the IAF had tweeted earlier about the Rafales. 

“Rafale is a 4.5 generation, twin-engine omnirole, air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, ground support, in-depth strike, anti-ship and nuclear deterrence fighter aircraft, equipped with a wide range of weapons.” 

Earlier, Bhadauria sent a stern warning to China as he asserted that the Indian Air Force is very "well positioned" to deal with any threat in the wake of escalating tensions between India and China.

He addressed a press conference ahead of Air Force Day and stressed on the point that Chinese air power can't get the better of India's capabilities but at the same time added that there is no question of underestimating the adversary.

Furthermore, he also stressed that the IAF is prepared to deal with a two-front war along the northern and western borders if such a scenario arises.

"Rest assured that we have deployed strongly to deal with any contingency," the IAF chief said when asked about the situation in eastern Ladakh and possible threat from China in the region.

"We have made deployment in all relevant areas; Ladakh is a small part," he said.