Bengaluru: After passing Bihar Public Service Commission exams successfully, Rakesh Kumar Jha, returned to his village in Bihar. 

Jha lives in Madhubani. He earns several millions in business. He has lent a helping hand to several artists. 

But what is his business? 

Well, he markets Mithila paintings. 

He says, as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar, “Along with my preparation, I started preparing others. Everything was going well. I was getting money. However, there was also boredom. It was the same kind of work everyday. Waking up in the morning, go to class, teaching and then, come back home. Everything was absolutely mechanical. I started getting upset with it. I thought a lot to go to the village. I wanted to do something right there.” 
After thinking for a long time, he took up Mithila business. 

Says he, “In the books I read that the demand for Madhubani or Mithila painting remains worldwide. This is also true. This is wonderful art, but when I started wandering, I realized that there is no demand for it in the local market. Because by the time they reach the art market, it becomes very expensive. The painting that is purchased from the artist for 6 hundred rupees, by reaching Delhi, the capital becomes 6 thousand rupees and going out of the country, it is worth lakh rupees. Only the rich will buy such expensive art.” 

He gave his business the name Craft Vala. 

He was doing well, but all thanks to the coronavirus-induced pandemic, he suffered a lot. 

But using this adversity as an opportunity, he sold around a million Mithila masks. He also sold Rakhi made of Mithila grass. 

Now with his brisk business, he takes care of around 3 hundred artists. 

He adds that the best way to preserver the art is to business it.