Bengaluru: Making tea and selling it is nothing new. Many tea sellers have also made a profit out of it. 

But here is a story that is completely different. A group of youngsters from Gujarat started a tea selling unit. However, what is unique about their way of making tea is that they serve it in biscuit cups. 

These biscuit cups can be eaten after they drink tea. 

These 4 youngsters have designed their café in such a way that they have set up indoor games. So when people come to sip a cup of tea, they can also enjoy their stay there. 

And the best part is that these biscuit cups cause no harm to the environment. 

Rukmil Shah, Arsh Desai, Hrithik Patni and Hennil Shah, who live in Vadodara, have studied engineering, but instead of pursuing a career in engineering, they started a restaurant called Sama Cafe on Sama-Sawli Road two months ago, notes Dainik Bhaskar. 

Arsh Desai says, “All four of us were thinking about a business from the beginning. That is why we thought of starting a tea cafe. Today, we are making a profit of 40 to 50 thousand rupees by selling tea of two lakh rupees every month from the same cafe. Now we plan to start tea cafes in other cities of Gujarat as well. Along with furthering our tea business by earning, we are also doing social work under the aegis of our Baroda Youth Federation”.

Even during the lockdown, these youngsters did their bit to help the society. They distributed meal kits, as also soaps, masks and gloves. 

They also supplied buttermilk to many. 

What’s more heartening is that these youngsters have also organised many a blood camp to help those in distress. 

Indeed, such youngsters who dare to be different in the society become role models.