Bengaluru: The issue of burning stubble in the northern states of Punjab and Haryana has become a menace. It has polluted the air to such an extent that it has become unbreathable. 

Though different governments have tried their best to resolve the issue, it continues to haunt all the people. 

Now, reports are that scientists have developed a capsule that readies the land for the next sowing season. 

Called the ‘decomposer capsule’, it is a composition of eight microbes, will help ready the land for the sowing of the next crop without the farmers burning the crop residue. Four capsules, which will cost just Rs 20, can be used to make 25 litre of solution effective for one hectare of land, notes India Today. 

Paddy stubble is burnt to make way for sowing of wheat. This burning of stubble produces so much of pollution that it is turns the air toxic. 

These capsules decompose the paddy quickly. It is also of notable point that decomposing the paddy residue doesn’t erode the fertility of the soil. That indeed comes as a blessing. 

"Every year in the months of October and November, crop residues are burnt and the smoke covers Delhi and parts of north India. Pusa Institute has developed these new capsules which are very easy to use as the crop residues melt after application of a solution made by the capsules," Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal told India Today.

"After residue burning, productivity of the land is reduced, but this capsule converts them into manure and is cost-effective. The proposal will be prepared by the institute and this research was completed in one-and-a-half years. We will start with Delhi, and if possible, will tell the Centre to implement it in other states as well," Kejriwal added.