Bengaluru: Former cricketer and MP from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir has taken a jibe at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

The jibe comes in relation to Imran Khan’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly in which he confessed that Pakistan trained terrorists in the 1980s. 

In his tweet, he said, “Sportspeople are supposed to be role models. Of good behavior. Of Team spirit. Of ethics. Of strength of character. Recently in the UN, we also saw a former sportsperson speak up. As a role model for terrorists @ImranKhanPTI should be excommunicated from sports community.


Not just Gautam Gambhir, even Baloch leader Mehra Marri, lashed out at the PM, saying he was being insincere.

He said, “This is the first time that Pakistan`s puppet Prime Minister (Imran Khan) accepted, on an international forum like the (United Nations) security council, that it harboured and trained terrorists in the 80s and 90s and now it is sorry for what it did. I think everyone can see through that statement. They are just saying this to get the funds from the US in the begging bowl." 

What’s interesting is that both Gautam Gambhir and Imran Khan are former cricketers. Both were phenomenal players and exhibited brilliant performances on the field. 

While Imran Khan raises the issue of abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, fingers are being pointed at Pakistan for being inhumane towards Balochistan, one of its provinces. 

Balochistan yearns to separate itself from Pakistan but is finding it difficult to do so. 

Why is Balochistan important for Pakistan? 

This controversial province of Balochistan is a land blessed with natural resources like oil, gas, copper and gold. This being the case, it is a very important province for Pakistan. Moreover, the province also shares its border with Iran and Afghanistan as well.

What's India's stand? 

India has never broached the issue of Balochistan on any international platform, dismissing it as an internal conflict. However, in one of his speeches, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the people of Balochistan as a response to the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s touching upon the issue of Kashmir in his Independence Day speech.
Experts feel that India should consistently bring in the issue of Balochistan as it hurts Pakistan the most.