Pankaj Mishra from Uttar Pradesh's Jaunpur is a social activist who is working for people's welfare and saving nature. He is the founder of two organisations - Jan Samvad Foundation and Saving Nature Welfare Society and Charitable Trust. With his organisations, Mishra has done a lot of appreciative work to date.

It has been five years since Mishra started Saving Nature Welfare Society and Charitable Trust. In these five years, Pankaj and his team of 15000 people have planted more than four lakh saplings in several villages and cities of Uttar Pradesh. He also spreads awareness about the importance of planting trees and saving nature.

Mishra started a nursery called Janta Nursery, which is open 24 hours for nature lovers. Anyone can take a sapling at this nursery and have to take care of the sapling until it becomes a tree. Apart from this, he travels village to village keeping saplings in his pickup for four months during the monsoon. He plants saplings in public places like hospitals, gaushalas, cremation grounds etc.

Social Activist Pankaj Mishra says that we all are dependent on mother nature. It is essential to take care of her and maintain the balance. He says, "If we don't maintain the balance of nature and don't plant trees, it will increase pollution and lead to more natural calamities. The least we can do is plant more trees so that our planet is safe and the future generation enjoys the green nature like we did."

Mishra wants to encourage today's youth to keep the surroundings clean, raise voice against cruelty against nature, plant more trees and work together to live a safe life. He says, "Today's youth takes a break from their busy life and travel to places that are full of greenery and healthy environment. Wouldn't it be amazing if they witness greenery everywhere around them? It would be a pleasant view for everyone."

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