New Delhi: Angry with certain leaks related to the Enforcement Directorate's investigation, the director of ED has shot a strong memorandum refraining unauthorised officers to interact with media.

Director Sanjay Kumar Mishra in his letter, sent to all officers has said, "It has been observed that certain information relating to ongoing investigations have been published in the media. This information relating to impending action may jeopardise the interests of ongoing investigations," Mishra said in the official communication.

"To avoid unwarranted interaction with the media, a Technical Circular No 12/2018 dated 30.11 2018 has also been issued (copy enclosed) However, it has been noticed that the aforesaid circular has not been followed in the right spirit. Henceforth any Officer, other than the authorised officer if found interacting with media. The same should be brought to the knowledge of the Principal Special Director or undersigned immediately. Any deviation will amount to dereliction of duty and liable for punitive action," Mishra said.

According to sources, few media houses published information relating to the ongoing investigation of ICICI- Videocon loan case where Chanda Kochhar and her husband Deepak Kochhar are accused and are facing marathon questioning. This triggered the director to send an official letter to all officers to avoid media interactions stating if they did not comply with the rules they will face action. 

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