Bengaluru: The transfer of Justice S Muralidhar of the Delhi high court to the Punjab and Haryana high court has opened the Pandora’s box. 

The Congress and its coterie are shouting their lungs out that the Modi-led Union government is being vindictive that he was transferred as he was hearing the Delhi violence case and issued strict orders to the Delhi police to take stern action against violators and even played out videos of hate speeches. 

While the opposition cries foul and hopes to gain some political brownie points by promulgating lies and deceit, Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has cleared the air about it. 

He took to Twitter to rubbish the claims of Congress and added it was a routine transfer. 


It is to be noted that such transfers do not happen overnight and needs the consent of the topmost judge of the country – the Chief Justice of India – Arvind Bode. 

The transfer was recommended by the collegium on the 12th of February. 

The lawmaker also adds that along with Muralidhar, two other judges, one from the Bombay high court and the other from the Karnataka high court too have been transferred. 

There has been a mass campaign being held to besmirch and sully the reputation of Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah in a way so as to project that they are taking a punishing measure for the judge’s observations on the Delhi riots. 

The Delhi riots, which took place for three days, have killed 27 people and injures more than 150 people. Mobsters have had a free run, vandalising shops and other infrastructure with disdain. 

The Modi government pressed National Security Adviser Ajit Doval into picture to take stock of the situation and restore normalcy. 

The NSA also took rounds in the riot-hit areas ands assured that peace would prevail.