The Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, which came into force from the September 1 includes major changes which have been made incorporated with the intention of increasing road safety, holding the cab aggregators responsible. There are many new provisions for the Third Part Insurance.

Deep Dive with Abhinav Khare elaborates on few of the provisions we need to watch out for.


Increased hefty fines for offences:

The fines levied on the drivers have been increased manifold to ensure that the roads are safer for us. Drunken driving can now cost you Rs 10,000 instead of the earlier paltry sum of Rs 500. If you drive without a license, be prepared to shell out Rs 5,000 as the fine now is no longer Rs 500. On the first day that it was implemented, more than 3900 challans were issued. Such a fine shall caution the citizens from violating any traffic rule.

A relaxed renewal process for license:

The period for license renewal has been increased from 1 month to 1 year. However, if you exceed a year, you need to give your driving test, again!

Be a Good Samaritan:

Though the Supreme Court has already passed the Good Samaritan Law way back in March 2016, its inclusion in this act will ensure that more and more citizens reach out to accident victims without any fear or concern.

Be responsible if your child is driving your car:

If your child is minor and gets involved in an accident, be prepared to be imprisoned for 3 years with a fine of Rs 25,000. You will however escape this if your child has a learner’s licence!

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Alongside this, there will also be a National Transportation Policy which shall look into creating a framework for passenger and goods transportation.

So the new amendments to the Motor Vehicles act is sure to cost you quite a bit of your hard earned money, if you violate any traffic rules. Some may even exceed your grocery budget. So all memes and jokes aside, better be safe than sorry! Follow traffic rules diligently!

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