Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s twitter bio reads as "Spiritual Saint/Philanthropist/Versatile Singer/Allrounder Sportsperson/Film Director/Actor/Art Director/Music Director/ Writer/Lyricist/Autobiographer/DOP". He also has called himself the messenger of god. Oh, he also is the master of an empire where murder, castration and rape were just orders of the day.

Abhinav Khare deep dives into his past, while exposing him.


Ram Rahim was initiated into the dera when he was just seven years old. However, he succeeded as the dera chief when Shah Satnam “voluntarily” gave it to him. However, it is said that a gun was involved in the entire process. It was a small ashram when he took over and soon it became a sprawling 700 acre campus which had buildings, rows of shops, schools, three state-of-the-art hospitals, seven schools and colleges, two posh hotels for paying devotees, even two petrol pumps. They had scores of properties in India and even overseas.

To attract the youth, he even stepped into making films with the typical Bollywood masala. It has rock music, dance numbers and even action sequences before finally the truth winning over the evil. He made 5 films, MSG: The Messenger of God, MSG-2: The Messenger, MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart, Hind ka Napak ko Jawab and Jattu Engineer which have collected over Rs 1000 crore globally.

A line from his movie needs to be remembered here.

"Hamein maarna apne aap ko maarne ke barabar hai (To kill me is akin to killing yourself)."

Yes, it hasn’t been easy to take him down. It took us 15 years, over 200 court sessions and two fearless sadhvis, one of them was even a minor, to convict this man of rape.

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In his cave in the dera, he would often call the girls and rape them. These girls would eventually be married off to his male followers who would follow his instructions blindly. It was in 2012, when his former follower filed a petition in court that around 400 of his followers were castrated in the ashram that Gurmeet ram rahim’s notoriety started coming to light.  Later the two sadvis testified against Ram Rahim for raping them and one of them was just a minor. It is said that 40 to 50 girls have been raped in the ashram but none were ready to testify. He was also the key conspirator behind Ramchandra Chhatrapati, who published the anonymous letters written by the girls in his newspaper Poora Sach.

He hid his dark crimes under the veil of spiritualism and showmanship. He fooled innocent people to believing him blindly where he just misused their trust and faith. This is Ram Rahim’s gritty story.

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