Bengaluru: We have seen how the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on India. 

People are gasping for oxygen, ferreting for cylinders and hospital beds. 

While this adversity continues to harass people, many others are using this as an opportunity to be more selfless. 

Last week, an 85-year-old RSS man gave up his bed to a youngster to help him get corona treatment. 

Now, here is another story of a senior journalist Kanchan Gupta lost his father to covid.

On his twitter handle, he wrote, “My father passed away this morning. He was #COVID positive. 

But they decided not to use a ventilator so that it could be used by another patient in need. 

He added, “My brother and I decided not to use the ventilator that was offered with no hope of survival. That machine would have been needlessly blocked. Better a #COVID19 patient with higher chances should get it. Baba would have wanted it that way. My late mother would have approved”.


He did not miss out on an opportunity to thank the health workers, “I will never get to meet the ambulance driver who shifted him to hospital, after putting him on O2, with care. My gratitude to him. And my gratitude to the doctors, nurses and staff who tried their best, eased his pain, and remained by his side till the end”.

The senior journalist also threw light on how his spent his working life setting up oxygen units at hospitals.  
“His last days were on a hospital bed, on oxygen. He spent his working life setting up oxygen units at hospitals. His work at PGIMR Chandigarh in mid-1960s drew attention of Tatas. He shifted to Jamshedpur where he set up O2 unit at TMH and other hospitals. It was his passion.”