Bengaluru: It is indeed true that India has been facing an adversity in the form of the second wave of coronavirus. Though it has been hit hard, it is heart-warming to note that many noble souls have used this as an opportunity to help fellow-beings. 

As per a Dainik Bhaskar report, Chanchal Kumar Dagde, a resident of Mumbai, who is the field of science and technology has been doing his best to give plasma to those in need. 

Since last year, the demand for plasma has been increasing. It is here that Chanchal has been rendering yeoman service, tying up with an organisation. 

It is reported that in the last 3-4 months, he has played a phenomenal role in ensuring that as many as 6000 people have laid their hands on plasma. 

Chanchal has a dedicated team of 100 people. additionally, many volunteers work out of volition. What is heartening to note is that these volunteers spread across the country and enthusiastically answer the needy and necessitous. In this way, his team answers in an affirmative manner to almost 150 people on a daily basis. 

He says, “We are working for more than 17-18 hours right now, because it is necessary to save people's lives. We are focusing on this job, along with that of our own. We have divided ourselves into respective shifts. Whatever time we have left after job duty, we are using it for this work and working to help more and more people”.

Additionally, he says, “Those who donate plasma and those who need plasma can register their request through our website or through our app. A detailed information has been given on the website for that. After this, our team monitors it according to the location and then a separate list of donors and demanders is prepared”.

It is indeed happy to note that such people have put their shoulders to the wheel during the crisis. May their tribe increase!