Bengaluru: Chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath attacked PM Narendra Modi and insulted his family as well. 

He said, “No member of the Prime Minister’s family was a part of the freedom struggle and that it gives no right to his party to teach other party anything about governing a country.” 

Criticisms are fine, but to attack a Prime Minister and drag his family out in the public is not at tall gentlemanly. 

But there is nothing surprising in it as Congress has always targeted the PM and hurled the choicest of abuses. 

The latest abuse by the CM prodded and triggered us to look back into history and understand how, especially the Prime Minister has been an object of extreme vilification and how some of the unthinkable expletives were and are being used against him.

The Prime Minister himself spoke about such below-the-belt comments in an election rally earlier.

“Gandi naali ka keeda”

The PM had said, "A leader of Congress called me 'gandi naali ka keeda' (an insect), one leader called me a mad dog, another one called me Bhasmasura. One more Congress leader, who was external affairs minister, called me a monkey while another minister compared me with Dawood Ibrahim."

PM Modi is “impotent

Another Congressman Salman Khurshid had termed Modi ‘impotent’ as well!

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mewani targets PM Modi 

During one of his rallies condemning the death of another so-called intellectual Gauri Lankesh, Jignesh Mewani, a youth leader exhorted the youths to go to Delhi, stamp Modi’s chest and ask his mother (Heeraben Modi) as to why she gave birth to a man like Narendra Modi! Apart from this insult, Jignesh Mewani has consistently used the word ‘haram’ against Modi and has also called for disruption of Modi’s speeches a number of times. 

Union home minister Amit Shah too not spared: 

Recently, that is just before the Lok Sabha 2019 polls, BK Hariprasad, one of the general secretaries of the Congress party, ridiculed Amit Shah when he was diagnosed with H1N1 and admitted to AIIMS. At a time when he had to bury the political hatchet and wish him a speedy recovery, he chose to play politics and went on to say that the BJP chief contracted H1N1 as he was trying to dislodge the coalition government in Karnataka! It was nothing but pure devilishness on his part to have made such a statement.

What more do we say? Physical ailments can be cured, but the sadistic pleasure or what we call in psychological terms ‘Schadenfreude’ can never be cured!