New Delhi: Jharkhand Congress MLA, Irfan Ansari, has grabbed the headlines after stooping down to new lows and making offensive comments on the Prime Minister. 'Jo apni maa ka nahin hua, Patni ka nahi hua, wo desh ka kya hoga' (Someone who couldn't belong to his mother, his wife, how will he belong to the country), Ansari had said.

In a video, Ansari is seen assuring the crowd that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC would not be implemented in the state. However, it is a known fact that these were just empty statements as the state governments do not have any say over matters of citizenship. Earlier, the home ministry had said that they were considering taking the online route to bypass state governments.

It is evident to the people of India that the Congress party has a history of making offensive remarks on PM Narendra Modi's personal life.

In 2019, Rajasthan Mahila Congress' state general secretary targeted PM Modi for sharing pictures with the grandaughter of BJP MP Satyanarayan Jatiya who had visited him.

She had said, "Modi Ji samay par ghar jaate to aaj doosare ke bachche nahin khilaane padate." This roughly translated as, "If Modi Ji had settled in life on time, he wouldn't have had to play with the other's kids."

Digvijay Singh, another senior Congress leader also had targeted PM Modi's personal life the same year. The "senior" Congress leader had accused PM Modi of hiding his marital status and educational qualifications.

Other leaders from the Opposition are not far behind. West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had claimed that the Prime Minister failed to take care of his wife and how would he take care of the country.