Bengaluru: While the lockdown induced by the coronavirus came as a bolt from the blue for many, to some others, it was a blessing in disguise. 

A 12-year-old girl Anjana Sri used this time to mend her chiselling skills. 


Her father is a carpenter and also happens to be her guru. 

“She draws the designs very well. I taught her how to use the chisel and other tools for carving. It did not take her much time to pick up the art and now she can carve an entire double door, all by herself,” says her father Muthukumar, as quoted by The New Indian Express. 

The website also notes how meticulous the young girl is as she gets down to business. As the website’s reporter tried to engage her in a conversation, she was so drowned in her work that she refused to lift her head while allowing her work to do the talking. 

It adds her as saying, “There are about 70-80 types of chisels. It is important to know which one to use for what kind of wood, depending on its quality. I’ve learnt all this from my father, and hope to follow his footsteps”. 

Such dexterity and thorough hold on the skill comes naturally to the father as he has spent 27 long years in the profession. He has three daughters and years to pass on his skills to them. 

For Anjali, carpentry has become a part-time profession. What she learnt during the lockdown has helped her choose a good career.