New Delhi: The Border Security Force of India is celebrating 55th Raising Day. It is the day the BSF unit was raised. Here are five interesting facts about BSF and its soldiers who put their lives on the line to save the country from inside as well as foreign elements threatening the security of the country.

1) The Border Security Force (BSF) was formed or raised on December 1, 1965. The decision was taken in the wake of India-Pakistan war in the year 1965.

2) BSF is considered as the frontline in the defence forces protecting India from foreign attacks. BSF soldiers are deputed at the border areas and they serve as the first line of defence that are followed by other units of military that owns and manages risk. BSF soldiers are posted at sensitive places including in the India-Pakistan border in the Rann of Kutch.

3) BSF is the only force in India to have its own Air wing, Marine wing and Artillery regiment. It supports the General Duty Battalions.

4) BSF also maintains its very own TSU-Tear Smoke Unit (also known as TSU). It produces tear gas munitions for the Anti-riot Forces. Interestingly, a large quantity is also exported to other countries.

5) The BSF is run by the Ministry of Home Affairs in India. The Union Government Agency is one of the major law enforcement agencies in the country. The motto of BSF is 'Duty Unto Death'.