Bengaluru: The Management Consultant at Kearney, Kanav Sharma who had lodged a complaint against an Ola cabbie for extending his full support to PM Narendra Modi, Kashmiri Pandits and even the Citizenship Amendment Act has easily backtracked, owing to massive pressure from all quarters. 

The company which he works for Kearney is a firm that focuses on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues. It is shameful that a company which claims to be one of the highest-paying companies employs someone like Kanav who wanted hit on the very livelihood of the cabbie. 

As the pressure over Kanav started building up, he was forced to issue a clarification. 



Much before he gave out his changed mindset, Twitter users did not mince words in questioning Kearney over the employment of such elitists. They also went on to ask if such employees engage in political activism and try to get poor drivers fired for their views.


What boils the blood of any sane thinking individual is how the elitist attitude of the AT Kearney consultant employee can resort to such tactics, only to destroy and demolish the livelihoods of others. 
If freedom of speech is a right enshrined in the constitution, it applies to all, irrespective of whether you are an AT Kearney employee or a cabbie. 

We have also sent mails to AT Kearney trying to eludicate their response, but we are yet to receive any reaction on the same. 

Hope AT Kearney understands the arrogance of such individuals and resets its recruitment process to promote a fair and inclusive and dissenting environment.