Bengaluru: In a sudden twist to the Rajasthan political imbroglio, the state’s chief minister Ashok Gehlot has offered to resign, a day after Sachin Pilot called truce with the grand old party.

It is also pertinent to note that AICC chief Sonia Gandhi has formed a 3-member committee to look into the grievances of Sachin Pilot.

On the issue of Ashok Gehlot badmouthing Sachin Pilot, he said, "Congress president Rahul Gandhi had decided to make Ashok Gehlot as CM in 2018. I have never used any disrespectful words and behaviour against anyone. I was surprised by some of the statements made against me. There is no place for personal malice in politics. I have never been greedy for any posts".

Earlier, Ashok Gehlot had this to say about Sachin Pilot. 

“Rajasthan is the only state in the country where no demands were raised from any quarter to change the pradesh Congress committee president in the last seven years. We knew that no work is happening. We knew he is nikamma and nakaara (useless). We still didn’t question him keeping the party interest in mind.”

With such stiff resistance being offered to Sachin Pilot, he was sure that he had been checkmated. He did not want to join the BJP and therefore, saw no future whatsoever and finally decided continuing with the party is the best option.


It all began as a controversy broke out in Rajasthan after a special operation group (SOG) sent a notice to Pilot to record his statement in the case registered by SOG in the alleged poaching of Congress MLAs in the state.

Though the impasse seems to have a pleasant ending, the entire episode is nothing short of an emphatic exhibition of the massive disgruntlement that exists between the senior and the junior leadership of the party.