Bengaluru: We have written letter after letter about news peddler Rajdeep Sardesai’s misdemeanours and misadventures. Yet, such is his disposition that he continues to expose himself by behaving like a uncivilised journalist onscreen. 

Days after the news that he apologised to an IPS officer in a Telangana court went viral, here is another clip that has gone viral. Rajdeep Sardesai is having an interview with no less a person than the Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan. 

As the journalist went on speaking in a rash manner, the Kerala Governor did not mince words in schooling him. 

Look at the video here: 


The Governor said, “I find that the language you use is so problematic. I am not appointed by a BJP government but I am appointed by the President of India. The language that you use causes polarisation. That is creating hatred in the society. It is creating an atmosphere of violence in the society. I have seen greater protests during Mandal, Shah Bano case. The government succumbed to the protests on the streets. But you are not ready to learn your lessons. I am very sorry to say.” 

On another occasion, he had blatantly lied on a BHU vice-chancellor attending Modi’s Rally. But as he realised that the pictures were fake, and issued an apology forthwith. 

However, Vinay Joshi, Legal Rights Observatory Convener, in an email to the News Broadcasters Association complained about Rajdeep Sardesai’s inveterate tendency of spreading lies and later

issuing an apology when called out for his falsehoods.

The complaint forced Rajdeep Sardesai to call up Vinay Joshi personally and apologise for his shameless dissemination of false news.

Rajdeep Sardesai was also accused of manipulating interview of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Vinay Joshi had filed another complaint in this regard as well.

If you observe, even superficially, there is a pattern in which Rajdeep works. He first shoots and scoots. But when conscientious personalities pull him up, he goes down on his knees and begs pardon like no one else.

And then, he begins to relapse into his crimes again!

Shame on you, Rajdeep!