Bengaluru: It’s a significant moment in Indian Air Force (IAF) as it inducted Boeing AH-64 combat helicopters on September 3. 
While the IAF welcomes the beauties, we give you some of its awesome features. 

1.    The Apache AH-64E has to its credit the varied capabilities that make it a godsend for any mission. From greater thrust, lift and joint digital operability to cognitive decision aiding and improved survivability, you name it and the aircraft has it! 

2.    Without having the need to reconfigure it, the helicopter is customised to meet the commander’s needs that also include security, reconnaissance, lethal attack and peacekeeping operations in both land and littoral zones. 

3.    The Hellfire missile is the primary weapon of the Apache helicopter. The missile is like a mini aircraft, it has its own guidance computer, steering control and propulsion system.

4.    The missile carries a payload that is highly explosive and powerful enough to take down the heaviest tank.

5.    The Apache has two Hydra rocket launchers, each launcher carries 19 aerial rockets, secured in launching tubes. The rockets can be fired one at a time or even in groups. The rockets might be armed with high-power explosives or just smoke-producing materials.

Speaking at the induction ceremony, Anupam Banerjee, PRO, IAF said, “It’s a ceremonial induction. As of now, we have eight aircraft. 22 such helicopters will be inducted in a phased manner. We did have attack helicopters, but this helicopter brings in lethal firepower with great accuracy.”

As per IAF officials, the Apache helicopters would replace the old Russia-made Mi-35 helicopters. These Mi-35 helicopters have been serving the nation for the last four decades or so. 

The IAF has also taken care to get its pilots train piloting this aircraft as they had been sent to the United States to understand the nitty-gritty.