Bengaluru: Remember Yogesh Soman? Well, if the name sounds strange, let’s tell you who he is. 

He is the director of Mumbai university’s academy of theatre who dared to question former AICC president Rahul Gandhi on his obnoxious “Rahul Savarkar” comment. For the same reason, the Maharashtra government has sent him on forced leave as the Left-leaning student parties like NSUI, AISF cried foul over his braveness to expose Rahul Gandhi. 

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While the move to send him on forced leave itself is reprehensible and a blot on the freedom of speech and expression, here’s come another attack and affront on the estranged leader. 

The Mumbai police, wilting under the pressure of their top bosses, have denied permission for a meet which had on its agenda, to express solidarity with Soman. 

Reports say that Vivek Vichar Manch was to oversee the meet on January 22. But when they approached the cops, the outright refused permission. Not just that, as if adding insult to injury, the cops also served a notice to them under section 149 of the CrPC and warned them that complaints would be filed if they went ahead with the meet. 

What boils the blood of any sane thinking Indian is that these cops have also given another reason not to give permission. And that happens to be the wrath of the Shiva Sena workers in case the meet saw the light of day. 

The meet was supposed to take place before the Late Meenatai Thackeray statue, which is an article of faith for the Sena workers. 

As ridiculous as it may sound, those who shout their lungs out for the preservation of all kinds of freedoms, including those of speech and expression, are maintain a deafening silence on the issue. 

However, this deafening silence is also a stamp of how the Congress and its coterie stymie the fundamental rights of citizens.