Bitcoin is a fascinating invention that has the potential to become a global currency. It is believed that it will become one of the most popular ways to pay for stuff and move assets over the next decade. Working on the same, Abhishek Jain, a bitcoin trader wants to make crypto a household word by reaching out to non-users and teaching them how to exchange crypto coins and tokens. His company rBitex plans to launch NFT trading in Q3 and develop blockchain projects for businesses and governments.

After learning about the advantages, he became fascinated and wanted to learn more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. When asked about his own experience with it, he says, "Starting to invest in Bitcoin has brought a ball game change in my professional journey. Being a bitcoin trader since 2016, this has been a major source of income for me ever since. I'm a technically knowledgeable individual and what started as an expert interest before long changed over into an individual one because of the limitless extent of investigating digital currencies and blockchain innovation on the loose. There has been no thinking back and I am pleased to say that I have been a Bitcoin introducer to many."

In 2016, Abhishek was first exposed to the world of cryptocurrencies when a client from another country requested a Bitcoin payment. During his study, he discovered that bitcoin converts to cash faster and is sold at a higher price in India.

When receiving payment through Paypal or other similar services, a significant portion of the payment is lost to currency exchange fees; but, when receiving payment in bitcoin, it costs more than the actual sum due to its premium pricing, making bitcoin the highest performing asset of the last decade. The scope for digital investments is immense. In 2017, it was thought to be an air pocket, but it defied all expectations as it hit the $20,000 barrier. Abhishek claims it is currently at or far superior to Gold in terms of resource status.

Also, newcomers to the crypto market have no idea what coins to purchase or when to sell. To fill that void, rBitex is developing an exclusive in-house social media feature that will bind newcomers and seasoned traders while also teaching them the fundamentals of digital investments.

Governments all over the world are becoming more familiar with bitcoin, and it's possible to see optimistic legislation and a surge of people investing in cryptocurrencies as a result. This year, Abhishek predicts a $5 trillion crypto economy. Profits are lost as a result of trading commissions. Both the buyer and the seller pay a fee to the exchange. The best thing about rBitex is that they have fixed a 0% creator fee for life. As a result, when an order is put on their exchange, there is no charge.

The Hyderabad-based start-up, which has been operating for a month, is currently focused on the Indian market. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are unquestionably groundbreaking. There are many job opportunities in this sector for people of all ages and investment levels, and rBitex makes it simple to find them which fulfils Abhishek’s aim of creating a user-friendly platform for people to learn and earn money.