Mumbai: A toddler fell into an open drain in Mumbai’s Goregaon area at around 10:24 pm last night (July 10). He had walked out of his house after dinner and never returned home. It has been more than 18 hours since the child has been missing.

Three-year-old Divyanshu slipped and fell into an open drain next to his house as he was walking by it on Wednesday night. As per reports, the drain was overflowing. The child, who tried to return home, slipped and fell into the four to five foot deep drain.

While the mother came out looking for the child, she could not find him. She looked around for an hour.

After people gathered to find the child, they found one of his slipper’s next to the drain.



 The locals said that the drain has been open since four years. Though they had raised complaints with Birhanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) several times, no action has been taken. There was no cleaning happening as well.

Mumbai mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar told Mirror Now that the incident that happened is not acceptable and that he had gone and met the family of Divyanshu. He also said that an inquiry will be conducted into the issue as to why no BMC officials had responded to the complaints.

The open drain that starts from near the victim’s house is four to five foot deep. But it deepens further up to 15 foot and extends to about 20 km.

Rescue operations are still underway. They are also cleaning the drain.