Bengaluru: When it comes to any crime, people of the country look up to the judiciary to get justice. The judiciary is the ultimate place of hope and redemption for the aggrieved. 
But two orders delivered by the courts this year had the potential to split the society apart. Let’s take a look at them. 

1.    The ‘Distribute Quran’ order by a Jharkhand court 

A woman by name Richa Bharti was ordered to distribute five copies of Quran to various Islamic organisations was put forth as a condition for her bail. The bail order was in relation to the lady writing incendiary remarks about Tabrez Ansari’s death on her Facebook account. The remarks allegedly hurt religious sentiments and she was even arrested.  

The court ordered that Richa Bharti distribute the holy book to Anjuman Islamia in presence of the administration and even take an acknowledgement receipt for it. Apart from it, she was supposed to donate four other copies of the Quran to other schools and colleges. She was furthered ordered to collect receipts and submit them to the court within a time frame of 15 days. As if this was not enough, she was even asked to deposit two bonds of Rs 7,000 each.

The moment the order went viral, there was massive backlash across the country. People were rightfully outraged at the order and equated the order to hurting their religious beliefs. Boxed into a corner by the very intensity of the protests, the court had to backtrack on its order. 

2.    Madras high court does a Jharkhand court! 

In another condition for anticipatory bail, the Madras high court asked a youth to pay up Rs 25,000 each to a trust which was overseen by Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) and the other one, an orphanage run by a Christian organisation in Mayiladuthirai (Mayavaram) in Nagapattinam district. 
The person in question, had written derogatory remarks on his Facebook account.