It took eight seasons and 73 episodes to finally reach the end. After the violent attack on King's Landing, episode six seemed peaceful and gave us an unexpected end to the story. While there were hundreds of theories on who will sit on the Throne, no one imagined that there will be no throne at the end, and as Daenarys promised, the wheel was broken.

Starks never craved the Throne, all they ever wanted was Winterfell, their home. Arya, who has been the brave Stark girl doesn't want to settle back and travel the world. Sansa on the other had becomes the queen of Winterfell. Jon whose true identity was revealed only towards the end, chooses his northern self and re-unites with Ghost. However, many fans wished that Jon sat on the Throne and chose his southern self, but he killed the Queen and had to be punished. He is sent back to the Night's Watch.  In season eight we can truly say that 'Jon knew nothing'. Though we did imagine Bran as the Night King, but we never thought Bran will be the King. We should have guessed when Drogon burnt the Throne, after all Bran doesn't need one. 

We are glad that not all Lannisters are dead. In fact, they were the ones who played real 'Games' for the Throne. According to various sources Tyrion was to die in the last episode for betraying his Mad Queen, but it turned out to be the opposite and we are glad. In the last episode, Tyrion finds the body of Cersei and Jamie lying on top of each other. He quits being the hand of the queen and is imprisoned for his actions. Weeks after that, when the council members arrive at Kings Landing, Tyrion is the one who suggests Bran should be the king. He continues with his position as the hand, but to the king this time. He is the tallest and the only Lannister alive.  No matter what they did, one could never truly hate a Lannister, except maybe Tywin. 


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Started as a little, fragile bird to become the Mad Queen, Danaerys came a long way. She promised she will not be like her father - the mad king, but fate had something else planned. Fans were upset with her outbreak, but we had it coming. In previous seasons Danaerys stated her desire to burn down their city, at least one promise she fulfilled. However, there was a time we were somewhere convinced she will sit on the Throne. Her attack on King's Landing made her worse than Ramsay and Joffrey. Jon, who 'finally' realized that his queen is mad, charmed her with a kiss and stabbed her in the gut, saving the world from destruction. 

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The most organized army, who fought fearlessly along with the most disorganized army 'Dothraki'. With the change in the behavior of Mad Queen, we also saw a change in the Unsullied. The death of Missandei made Greyworm, who leads the Unsullied, kill every possible person in King's Landing. After the death of their queen, the Unsullied refused to bend their knees and sailed away with the remaining Dothraki fighters to free cities from slavery. The irony is, Greyworm's actions showed that he was the slave of his queen. 


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Drogon, the last remaining dragon saw the death of Viserion and Rhaegal. We should actually feel bad for this one because it witnessed the death of his mother. Drogon, who was the key weapon in burning the city down, forgot to burn one last thing which belonged to King's Landing - The Iron Throne. The scene where Drogon tries to wake the Queen from death has touched the hearts of many fans. When Drogon's mother dies, he burns the Iron Throne and flies away with the body. 

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Let's not forget to mention Ghost. After Jon's weird not-so-goodbye to ghost in Winterfell, we never expected to see him again. Many fans were upset with the way the two parted ways, but their reunion calmed upset fans and showed a happy ending for Ghost. 

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Game of Thrones final episode gave us the perfect closure to the most watched series in the world. It might have ended for us, but it will be watched by generations to come. For now, our watch has ended.