Indians love dairy as it is one of the key sources of proteins and other essential nutrients for vegetarians. Milk and milk products like curd, ghee, butter, and paneer are a major part of India's diet. Most of the time, when we buy ghee or paneer we don't think much about its purity as it is not gold or some precious gem, it is paneer!

But now you might have to check the paneer you bring home as well due to India's market being flooded with synthetic or fake paneer. In a recent event, officials have seized 1,300 kg of fake paneer. The paneer was later discarded for public safety near the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway premises. 

However, this is not a new incident, in May 2022, Mumbai police confiscated over 2,000 kg of fake paneer from two factories. According to reports, it is made by mixing milk powder with water, lime juice, and acetic acid. It is further mixed with palm oil to give a paneer-like texture and gloss. 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has released several tests and quality analyses to check the authenticity of the paneer. Here are some tests you can do to check the purity of paneer at home.



1. Apply pressure 

Try applying pressure on the paneer, if it crumbles easily, it is adulterated. Real paneer can withstand a certain amount of pressure. Milk powder is used for making fake paneer which makes it easy to crumble. 

2. Arhar dal powder

If the pressure technique does not provide clear answers, you can also use your kitchen items to test the authenticity of the paneer. Mix arhar dal (pigeon pea) powder in boiling water containing paneer. Let the water cool and check after a few minutes. If the paneer changes colour to light red, it indicates the presence of detergent or urea in the paneer. 

3. Idodine tincture test

For a more accurate analysis, try iodine tincture. Let the paneer boil for a few minutes and then let it cool. Add a few drops of iodine tincture; if the colour changes to blue, the paneer is fake. 

4. Taste test

When buying paneer, take a small bite of it, if it is chewy then it is fake. Real paneer is easy to chew and does not have a rubbery texture. If it tastes sour, there are high chances of adulteration using detergent. 

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