Yeah, it's good news that you got a new job, but remember that the first month of your job will be a nerve-racking experience and you are bound to encounter teething problems. There are new people, new customs, new rules and new system. Here are ten points you should follow in your initial days.

Office Romance: Well, trust me; you’ll get plenty of time for this later.

Office Gossip: The place is new and you want to know everything about everyone, it’s obvious! Advice: Just don’t. Prove your mettle first and be sure there will be no dearth of gossip peddlers even after 30 days.

Being late to work: You want to make an impression, start from the first hour of the day. Being late to work not only shows that you are less disciplined but also speaks volumes about the kind of person you’re in your personal life.

Breaking rules: If you have not done enough of this in your high school, and want to try it out at your new workplace, you can kiss good-bye to your job.

Being too cocky: While trying to fit in just perfectly, don’t shove your ideas onto others. Keep some room open for discussion and re-work.

Being too accommodating: In your quest to gel well, don’t let people take you for a ride. Be assertive and confident of your ideas and opinions.

Reveal too much about yourself: Trust me; nobody wants to know why you fought with your husband last night or where you buy your grocery from. Don’t go overboard in your attempt to fit in.

Spending too much time on social media: If you’re not one of those lucky ones where your work involves keeping a check on social media trends and updates, steer clear from social media. You don’t want your boss to catch you commenting on your boyfriend’s picture when you have a deadline to meet.

Lunch Breaks: The restaurant close to you might be serving the most amazing food at an unbelievably low price, but don’t take a one hour break to dine there.

Leave: During the first month, when you are trying to make a good impression on your colleagues and boss, taking leaves is a strict no-no. Not only do you appear less interested, but also unreliable.