Stree, Newton actor Pankaj Tripathi has won many hearts, but here is the truth revealed in his interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, that he is much more than just a good actor. Here are the facts that make him nothing lesser than a hero.

Pankaj is a no-nonsense actor. That means, he loves playing characters. His honesty is that when he plays a character, all he wants is for it to act like the message director wants to put out to the audience. There is no show off. Thus, here is why he is so convincing in any role he essays.

For the name and popularity he has garnered in the past few years, the actor is way too humble. He just likes to go slow and not run the life or show. He believes in living it as it comes.

When asked about how he manages to say yes to even small roles sometimes, the actor was all smiles and said, “In cricket, when you need a six in one ball, that is the gripping moment. Thus, whatever role you get, there are less possibilities of hitting a six, but I am sure I will work some magic.”

In another example of his honesty and humility, when he was told that he was the only popular actor who has come without a manager or an assistant, he said, "Akele hi aye the, akele hi jana hai," meaning when we came into this world, we came alone and when we leave too, we are alone.

Another fact that makes him responsible is that Pankaj thinks as an actor it is important to know what is happening around you. He calls himself 'jagarook insaan' meaning 'human being who is aware' because he thinks an actor should be aware of happenings and the times we are in.

And ultimately, an actor who is 'truthful' will get noticed, come what may, feels Pankaj Tripathi.