Breaking away from the usual practice of launching songs on social media or a digital platform, the team for JP Dutta's upcoming flick Paltan are taking a more personal route. Tonight in front of the media and celebrities, singer Sonu Nigam will launch a new song from the movie in front of an audience of over 150 people.

Called Main Zinda Hoon, the song is a message from a dead soldier to the nation, his family and loved ones. Speaking about the unique launch, Dutta’s daughter and executive producer of Paltan, Nidhi says,“The song comes at the climax and because it is a very important a part of the film, it has to be first heard live by Sonu Nigam. It’s his song and it had to be in his voice. I wanted him to sing it live first and I had to request him to do it because he doesn’t do it usually. I am a huge Sonu Nigam fan and when he sings live everybody listens because his voice commands that kind of appreciation and attention. Sonu singing live just blows your mind."

However, fans of the movie and the singer can catch the newly released track online too. She says, "When the song was being recorded I thought this song needs to be on a
stage somewhere. That is why we decided to first release the song through his voice and then we will launch the next day on social media.”

The event also will celebrate the completion of JP Dutta’s war trilogy. Nidhi adds, “India as a nation has only three war films – Border, LOC and Paltan. Haqueeqat and Lakshya are not true-to-life movies but inspired by true events. Border, LOC and Paltan are based on true events which have been dramatically written and enacted so these are actual war movies and India’s first war trilogy gets completed by one filmmaker, JP Dutta. So, to celebrate that also, Sonu will be singing Sandese Aate hai from Border and Ek Saathi Aur Bhi from LOC.”

Main Zinda Hoon is a song from the dead soldier’s point of view with music by Anu Malik and lyrics by Javed Akhtar. “The lyrics of the first line goes… Maine apne garam lahu se waqt ke barfeele kagaz par ek paigham lika hai… Jinke naam likha hai untak pahuncha dena. Dad said that this is the message that my film has to have. The last verse of Main Zinda Hoon, especially, is what he feels is the fitting end to complete his war trilogy and those five lines are what completes his ode to India. We have spoken about our feelings and what we feel towards our soldiers but what about them? They are sitting in the Siachen glacier and protecting us in minus 25 degrees temperature, with frozen lungs and dying of pneumonia every couple of months but that doesn’t stop them from going there. So when they take that chance in life what do they really want to say to the rest of the one billion people who live in India that they are doing it for? For me and dad Main Zinda Hoon is the highlight of the film.”

Well, here's the dream team behind this track. We can't wait to give it a listen!