Fans can never seem to get enough of the King Khan. From his personal life to films to his daily routine and even his most private moments like the number of times he takes a dump -- there's no holding back people's curiosity!

Recently, Shah Rukh had invited his fans to ask him questions on his Instagram account.  One of the questions asked by a fan was, "How Many Time (times) Do You Poop?" 

The actor took the question in his stride: "Really??!! Is that all you could ask?! Wow."

In the past, Shah Rukh has rarely snubbed his fans and is known to kindly give in to their questions and requests. But this time he didn't seem like he was in the mood for taking any shit!

The new Instagram "Ask a question" feature has caught the fancy of millions of users especially to know their favourite stars better. Recently, Sonam Kapoor hit headlines when she replied to a Pakistani fan who asked her if she loved Muslims, by saying, "I love all faiths and religions. That's what Hinduism preaches."