Vishesh Bhatt is all set to produce a web series based on R K Laxman’s Book “Servants Of India”. This book is a combination of work of fiction and a few incidents Laxman experienced himself. The story of various characters with his special twist will be something to look out for.

Recently PM Narendra Modi in Mumbai said that he was happy to see the works of RK Laxman be brought into the digital world. He was really happy to see RK Laxman's family and Vishesh Bhatt taking this idea forward.

RK IPR MANAGEMENT PVT LTD, a company founded by R.K. Laxman, believes in Vishesh Bhatt and his work. They have entrusted it to him with complete freedom as they think that he will give his work a young view by keeping the spirit and brilliance of R K Laxman alive.

The digital audience will experience a social commentary and satire of RK Laxman brought on screen by the best contemporary team of talent.

Vishesh Bhatt shared, "R K Laxman had interesting stories to tell and his vulnerable characters enhanced his vision. I am so glad that his family believed in me and gave me the opportunity to make this series. I am really looking forward to working on this project and bringing his characters to life with contemporary twists.”

In this series every character has a certain idiosyncrasy and Laxman has used his trademark wit to fictionalise real world people into characters with gripping twists. Vishesh Bhatt visions to adapt the characters with a new age and quirky treatment, something he's sure Laxman would have appreciated.

R.K.Laxman found this world to be vulnerable and also strange at times. It would be interesting to watch the eccentricity of ‘Servants of India’ brought to life with this series. This will be the first time that his work will be turned into a web series.

This book has some unpublished material that will also be seen for the first time adapted in this series.

It would be a satirical drama on the casual class prejudices we all have in India, punched with the gripping absurdity of situations that have occurred in many of our own lives or with our friends. It will get you addicted.RK Laxman's Common Man goes digital