Janhvi Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Mr & Mrs Mahi’ is set to release in the theatres on May 31. The trailer has garnered much attention and appreciation from the viewers. Recently, she visited Delhi for her film’s promotion and interviewed with The Lallantop. A part of the interview has gone viral, where she expresses her interest in watching a debate between Mahatma Gandhi and Dr BR Ambedkar. 

Ambedkar and Gandhi

Mahatma Gandi and DR BR Ambedkar had different ideologies on various social and political issues. Gandhiji, worked for the eradication of untouchability and India’s independence movement. On the other hand, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, a prominent social reformer, fought against caste-based discrimination. Their differing ideologies often led to tensions and debates, particularly regarding the marginalized communities.

Janhvi Kapoo's interview

During an interview with The Lallantop, Janhvi Kapoor said, “I think it would be very interesting to watch a debate between Ambedkar and Gandhi.” To this, the interviewer responded with “Wow.” Janhvi further shared her thoughts saying, “Just a debate between what they stand for and how their views kept changing over time, and how they influenced each other. They’ve helped our society, and so what they feel about each other. I just think it would a very interesting discourse.”

Janhvi Kapoor added, “Ambedkar was still very stern and clear from the start and what his stand was. But I think Gandhi’s views kept evolving as he got more and more exposed to the issue of caste discrimination in our society. To learn about it from a third person view and living it as firsthand is quite different.”