Akshay Kumar, who is busy promoting his upcoming film Housefull 4, is getting trolled for a comment he made about Sonakshi Sinha seven years ago.

An old interview of Akshay's, wherein the actor commented on Sonakshi Sinha's body is grabbing the headlines. Akshay, who acted with Sonakshi in five movies, talked positively about the actress but one word spoiled everything, he said, "Sonakshi is a wonderful actress who has her own style of acting. She has an absolutely different figure - a typical, Indian figure and not size zero. Khaate peete gharane ki lagti hai. I am a pure Punjabi. I like heroines who are hari bhari. Chusa hua aam na lage." (sic) 


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People found his statement to be in bad taste and called him 'misogynistic'. The actor has been slammed for his statements. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Sonakshi Sinha rushed to Akshay Kumar’s defense. 

 "Firstly, let me start by saying that trolls really have nothing better to do in life, so this is what they resort to. People have to understand that I was heavily body shamed at the start of my career, in spite of having lost 30 kilos, and what Akshay said was probably in response to something on the same lines," the actress was quoted as saying. 


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Sonakshi also praised Akshay for been so protective on the sets, "They also have to understand that I have a great friendship and working equation with him, so he was talking about a friend and not a random person. If anything, he was being a gentleman and defending me with no intention of 'objectifying' anyone."

The actress also slammed the trolls saying she has absolutely no problem with what Akshay said; she doesn't think anyone else should have a problem with Akshay's statement either. She stated that people need to start using their time better rather than digging up silly things and making an issue of it.