Mumbai: Ahead of Sridevi's first death anniversary, controversial film director Ram Gopal Varma shared a throwback photo. In the photo, Sridevi is seen having fun with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and actors Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh.

Taking to Twitter, he shared a throwback picture where you can see RGV posing for the camera with the late actor and South Indian stars Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh. He wrote, "Left and right hands lo glasslu vunnai ..madhayalo vunna valla hands lo vunnavevo dhasthunnaru Sridevi garu hands rende free ga kanapaduthunnai..Yendhukante nijayathee kevalam naalonoo nagarjunakinoo ,sridevilonoo maatrame vundhi kaabatti."

He wrote in Telugu, which is translated as, "There are glasses in the left and right hand. Whatever is there in the hands in the middle seems hidden. Only Sridevi garu's hands remain free. The honesty either lies with me, Nagarjuna or Sridevi." 


He also posted a second tweet he repeats this point and takes a dig at himself while pointing out that others are hiding their glasses. Isn't that all, he asks pointedly.

Last year, when Sridevi died, the filmmaker wrote an emotional letter to expressed his grief, "Her beauty and sex appeal were so overpowering that it took many films and many, many years for both the audience and industry to recognize the actress in her, who was first showcased in the most effective way by Shekhar Kapur in Mr India. Even though her acting prowess was evident right from her debut film, her superstardom gave prominence only to her sex symbol image, which was so strong it blinded everybody to her tremendous talent."

On February 24, 2018, Lady Superstar of Indian Cinema, Sridevi died due to accidental drowning in her hotel suite in Dubai, where she had gone to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding.