Abhishek Bachchan has been having a field day slamming trolls on Twitter and his reactions are tongue-in-cheek but never rude, winning him more fans. 

Recently when a troll asked him, “Not worked for last three years but has money for vacation! How?” Abhishek replied promptly, “Because, sir, I have several other businesses that I run apart from acting and producing movies. Sports being just one of them.” A few days back, he fired a media report, which alleged that he and wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were going through a rough patch.

When we asked Aishwarya for her take on this, the actress replied: “I didn’t even know this happened and by the time I heard about it, the news was gone and dusted. I am not on Twitter so I am oblivious to a lot of things and I guess that’s my advantage. If I get to know anything at all, it is so much later that by then the next story is already out and I am like ‘Oh that happened too?’ I am clueless.”

Does she advise Abhishek not to get riled or engage in banter with the trolls? “I think to each their own... once you get on that social media turf people will just make their choices — sometimes they want to give you a voice and sometimes they don’t want to. There are people who unabashedly love you irrespective of whatever you say or do; then there will be the sharp critiquing and then the criticising so you are aware about all this because you have heard about it before — you entered the turf, you experience it, and you learn along the way how to deal with it.”

Abhishek is very involved on social media but Aishwarya comes across as this queen in her ivory tower far away from reality. “What rubbish! (laughs) We do talk and have discussions on a variety of topics like any other normal household. After having known me for so many years, how can you still ask me this? It’s an interesting paradox though. There’s such a strong perception about me being cut off from reality, yet when I communicate through you all (the media) I am so obviously who I am. I wonder that after so many years, there’s still a perception that overrides who you know me to be (smiles). That’s interesting.”

Aishwarya will next be seen as the pop sensation Baby Singh in Fanney Khan (and her songs are already a rage on the internet), where her role is not perceived to be big. 

“Sometimes if an idea speaks to me and I like it, I am pretty spontaneous about knowing whether I want to be a part of it or not. That’s been my story most times and I have not sat, mulled over and thought through a lot of my choices in my career. I have not thought what does it mean for my career or what is my role individually per se as the female actor in this movie.”