New Delhi: The exit polls out on Sunday evening (May 19) by and large portend that the BJP-NDA shall come to power and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will surge back into the top position once more.

The most crucial state of Uttar Pradesh, which was a make-or-break for both the BJP and the opposition, especially the Magathbandhan of the SP and BSP, would return on an average 41 seats for the ruling dispensation.

While UP had emerged as the biggest headache for the BJP as it was faced with the mammoth caste equation forged by the SP and BSP coming together, it was made even more formidable by the addition of the Muslim votes to this list. But, as several experts and observers had pointed out this numerical combination on paper could not materialise in the actual voting.

Meanwhile, the 41 seats (an average of four exit polls) will go down well with the BJP’s plans.

C-Voter exit poll for the Republic TVs gave the NDA 38 seats in UP. The second one, by Jan Ki Baat, has given NDA 46 to 57 seats. Times Now exit polls conducted with VMR has given 58 seats to the NDA in UP, while ABP-Nielsen gave the lowest 22 to the NDA in the state.

An average of these gives BJP seats in UP in the range of 41 to 44 seats.