Election 2019 schedule highlights: Polling to start on April 11; all details on constituencies here

Election 2019 schedule LIVE updates: Election Commission to announce dates at 5PM

6:24 PM IST

Modi on Lok Sabha election

PM Modi said, "The festival of democracy, Elections are here. I urge my fellow Indians to enrich the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with their active participation. I hope this election witnesses a historic turnout. I particularly call upon first time voters to vote in record numbers."

6:23 PM IST

Assembly elections

Assembly elections will be held simultaneously in Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Odisha

6:21 PM IST

Phase 7: Details on constituencies

Phase 7

Bihar: 8 constituencies

Jharkhand: 3 constituencies

Madhya Pradesh: 8 constituencies

Punjab: 13 constituencies

West Bengal: 9 constituencies

Chandigarh 1 constituency

Uttar Pradesh: 13 constituencies

Himachal: 4 constituencies


6:19 PM IST

Phase 6: Details on constituencies

Phase 6 

Bihar: 8 constituencies

Haryana: 10 constituencies

Jharkhand: 4 constituencies

Madhya Pradesh: 8 constituencies

Uttar Pradesh: 14 constituencies

West Bengal: 8 constituencies

Delhi: 7 constituencies

6:08 PM IST

Phase 5: Details on constituencies

Phase 5

Bihar: 5 constituencies

Jammu and Kashmir: 2 constituencies

Jharkhand: 4 constituencies

Madhya Pradesh: 7 constituencies

Rajasthan: 12 constituencies

Uttar Pradesh: 14 constituencies

West Bengal: 7 constituencies

6:07 PM IST

Phase 4: Details on constituencies

Phase 4 

Bihar: 5 constituencies

Jammu and Kashmir: 1 constituency 

Jharkhand: 3 constituencies

Madhya Pradesh: 6 constituencies

Maharashtra: 17 constituencies

Odisha:  6 constituencies

Rajasthan: 13 constituencies

Uttar Pradesh: 12 constituencies

West Bengal: 8 constituencies

6:06 PM IST

Phase 3: Details on constituencies

Phase 3

Assam: 4 constituencies

Bihar: 5 constituencies

Chhattisgarh: 7 constituencies

Gujarat: 26 constituencies

Goa: 2 constituencies

Jammu and Kashmir: 1 constituency 

Karnataka: 14 constituencies

Kerala: 20 constituencies

Maharashtra: 14 constituencies

Odisha: 6 constituencies

Uttar Pradesh 10 constituencies

West Bengal: 5 constituencies

Dadra and Nagar Haveli: 1 constituency 

Daman and Diu: 1  constituency 

6:01 PM IST

Phase 2: Details on constituencies

Phase 2

Assam: 5 constituencies 

Bihar: 5 constituencies 

Chhattisgarh: 3 constituencies 

Jammu and Kashmir: 2 constituencies

Karnataka:  14 constituencies

Maharashtra: 10 constituencies  

Manipur: 1 constituencies  

Odisha: 5 constituencies  

Tamil Nadu: 39 constituencies  

Tripura: 1 constitiency 

Uttar Pradesh: 8 constituencies  

West Bengal: 3 constituencies  

Puducherry: 1 constituency  

5:56 PM IST

Phase 1: Details on constituencies

Phase 1

Andhra Pradesh: 25 constituencies 

Arunachal: 2 constituencies 

Assam: 5 constituencies 

Bihar: 4 constituencies 

Chhattisgarh: 1 constituencies 

Jammu and Kashmir: 2 constituencies 

Maharashtra: 7 constituencies 

Manipur: 1 constituencies 

Meghalaya: 2 constituencies 

Mizoram: 1 constituencies 

Nagaland: 1 constituencies 

Odisha: 4 constituencies 

Sikkim: 1 constituencies 

Telangana: 17 constituencies 

Tripura: 1 constituencies 

Uttar Pradesh: 8 constituencies 

Uttarakhand: 5 constituencies 

West Bengal: 2 constituencies 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands islands: 1 constituencies 

Lakshadweep: 1 constituencies 

5:40 PM IST

Details on constituencies

Phase 1: 91 constituencies in 20 states 

Phase 2: 97 constituencies in 13 states 

Phase 3: 115 constituencies in 14 states 

Phase 4: 71 constituencies in 9 states 

Phase 5: 51 constituencies in 7 states 

Phase 6: 59 constituencies in 7 states 

Phase 7: 59 in 8 states

5:38 PM IST

Date of counting

Date of counting is on May 23: EC

5:37 PM IST

Election dates

Phase one on April 11

Phase two on April 18

Phase three on April 23

Phase four on April 29

Phase 5 on May 6

Phase 6 on May 12

Phase 7 on May 19

5:31 PM IST

Seven phases

Election 2019 to be conducted in seven phases. 

5:30 PM IST

Radio, print and tv media to be used

EC will extensively use community radio. Print and TV media will also be used for 'positive and progressive' engagements.

5:24 PM IST

Instructions for Lok Sabha 2019 elections

1. Curb noise pollution, usage of is prohibited from 10pm to 6 am.

2. Political parties not to use propaganda materials, which are hazardous to the environment. 

3. Security personnel will be deployed in large numbers. 

4. Critical events to be video graphed. 

5. Any violation of the MCC will be dealt with in the strictest manner.

6. Candidate photos on EVM this time.

5:20 PM IST

Usage of VVPAT

VVPATs in all polling stations.

5:19 PM IST

NOTA option details

There will be a NOTA option for voters, announced Arora. He also said there are approximately 10 lakh polling stations across the country this year. In 2014, there were 9 lakh stations. voter's guide is being handed over to every household. 

5:14 PM IST

900 million voters to vote

In 2019, 900 million voters have a chance to choose the next Prime Minister of India. In 2014, 814.5 million voters were there. 

5:11 PM IST

complexities for conducting elections are growing: Arora

Arora said that the complexities for conducting elections are growing. He also said that the EC visited several states and UTs to review poll preparedness. 

5:07 PM IST

Sunil Arora briefs on conduct of election

Chief election commissioner Sunil Arora says that the ECI has attempted a very comprehensive preparation for the conduct of election.

5:03 PM IST

EC's crucial briefing

EC's crucial briefing on Lok Sabha 2019 election dates begins.

5:01 PM IST

Election commissioners arrive

The three election commissioners arrive.

As soon as the Lok Sabha election dates are announced, the Model Code of Conduct will come into force. Earlier, several media reports speculated that the election will begin on April 10 and end on May 15.