They have returned to their homes migrating from cities and towns where they have been working to earn their livelihood. Amid the tough time, many have come forward to help the helpless.

One such group is the group called Mera Bharat Mahaan, which is a social group owned by Muzzammil Mannan & Vikash Raj. 
The duo has been handling various social work before the crisis due to COVID 19 emerged in our country. They were engaged in various social and environment friendly causes like tree plantation, various social drives against social media along with helping the helpless like the ones who have lost their homes with old aged homes and other things. Besides, the group also owns one portal that deals with catering their fans and followers the latest news on various domains.
The NGO -Mera Bharat Mahaan was started by two young men - Muzzammil Mannan & Vikash Raj in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on 7th August 2017. Since the NGO has moved smoothly in the city gaining good popularity not just from the local people but from outside as well. The popularity of its Facebook page - Mera Bharat Mahan bears testimony to this. It has gained a whopping 10 M of followers and involvement by like minded people from all across the country and other places. The Facebook page often comes up with social work based posts, which are liked by the followers a lot. It helps in creating a good buzz around the followers.