Being She Dubai is the identity now of Aparna Bajpai. She is the founder and CEO of Being She Dubai, an international platform for women to help and give them the best place to unleash their potential and be the best version of themselves.

This platform is all about encouraging and inspiring women to use their talents and skills in the right direction apart from nourishing them the best. It has various wings, which takes care of the different aspects of a woman's personality. 

With her innovative programs, she is able to transform and shape women to become generation next leaders. 

She has helped many women and young ladies create a strong powerful network of people that offers solutions for social causes and, thus, impacts the lives of many. Some of the social issues she touches using Being She network include Health and Wellness, Gender Equality, Environment, and Education. 

One of her platform's vital verticals is called Being She Universe, where Aparna helps and guides young and aspiring models to prepare themselves for big-time beauty contests and pageants. Being She Universe helps the ladies transform the young women for global events related to fashion in a glamorous way. 

She feels that the international beauty pageant offers the women of different age groups irrespective of their marital status help in picking up skills and exposure to showcase their talents at its best.