As one of the youngest cricket analysts and experts, his research led him and his followers to make a huge amount of money from fantasy cricket websites.
With the advent of technology, various entrepreneurs have emerged with distinct talents, robust work ethic, and incredible vigour to strive for success. One such fantasy cricket analyst who attained extravagant success with his precise and well-researched tips on making the most out of the fantasy portals is Anurag Dwivedi. 
Cricket is the most followed sport in India, and it never ceases to be entertaining. India is a cricket fanatic country, and the fans have also evolved with the game. With the evolution of the game to different, more exciting formats, the sport found a new-age audience, who lapped up the T-20 leagues. Technology in cricket paved the way to the introduction of fantasy cricket, and the fans have latched onto it too. A few young professionals have been making the most of such opportunities. Anurag Dwivedi is one of them who made the most out of it by minting money and helping others make money from India's biggest cricket fantasy site, Dream11. Anurag carried out extensive research about every team and gained everyone's attention through his YouTube channel. Anurag, since childhood, has been following the game of cricket passionately. With years of watching the game, understanding the permutation and combinations of the game, he developed expertise in the sport.
His success proves how giving previews, predictions and expert opinions on what fantasy players should do can help people earn more. Within a short time period, Anurag has amassed over 730K subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he keeps all of them updated about the happenings of the cricket world.
Anurag Dwivedi has also grown in his role of cricket expert and now provides an in-depth analysis of the games in T-20, One Day Internationals, and Test cricket – both domestic and international. After terrific hard work and determination, he has become one of the youngest experts of the Gentleman's game, an accomplished sportswriter, and CEO of Fantasy Sports Champions Pvt Ltd. 
To know more, follow him on Instagram @realannucricxpert.

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