We are witnessing a golden chapter in the history of entrepreneurship as India has approximately 40 thousand officially-recognised start-ups with 27 unicorns. The country is globally recognised as the poster-child of emerging markets, which states the potential it possesses to revolutionise entrepreneurship culture. According to Praxis Global Alliance, start-ups are growing at an average rate of 12-15 per cent annually. Today’s start-ups are born in the cloud which means their choice of cloud providers is of the utmost importance. In accordance with that, for these start-ups to thrive in the cutthroat competition with leading tech names in the industry, Pradeep Agarwal Oracle explains the benefits cloud computing and Oracle cloud brings to the start-up ecosystem. 

The emerging market seeks India to be one of the leading countries as it has the capability to provide growth and job generation. Therefore, the nation’s priority is to look for innovations a start-up can supply. The expert states, “Start-ups have raised $63 billion between 2016-20 in funding. Out of which $20 billion was raised in 2019 over 1,854 deals. To add to these numbers, I suggest new entrepreneurs to inculcate technology including cloud computing in their companies to cater the needs of end customers.” 

In today’s time, where everyday innovations are being made, technology is speeding up and adding to the human potential. Cloud computing is one such popular practice involving the internet to store and manage data. It refers to the delivery of on-demand computing services over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. “Cloud computing services including Oracle lets you manage files and services over the internet in a cost effective manner, rather than doing it on a local device,” informs the expert.

For a small software development firm to scale their business up, a small team size, the unpredictability of demand, and limited resources are among the major roadblocks . And to tackle these problems, cloud computing services such as Oracle cloud come into the picture. Oracle cloud is one of the newer players in the field of cloud computing. Although Oracle is currently listed as a niche player, it has a customer base and the desire to grow into an industry leader. It offers the best option for start-ups, depending upon specific needs. 

Cloud computing solutions such as Oracle are offered by providers who administer the servers saving both money and space. They offer security and let the company avoid constant monitoring and managing security protocols. These systems have robust disaster recovery measures in place to ensure faster and easier data recovery. They also reduce cost and resource allocation substantially which is maintained by cloud computing service providers. 

Cloud computing offered by Oracle are available in two main groups, virtual machines and bare metal machines. Besides the standard option, both groups have a dense IO option for high-performance local SSD storage. For Nvidia Tesla GPUs Pascal or Volta for HPC workloads, both groups are available. It offers bare-metal instances that provide complete control of the physical host or bare-metal machine. Pradeep Agarwal Oracle mentions other capabilities that make Oracle’s cloud the best choice for start-ups. He says that by choosing Oracle Cloud, start-ups can save money in the area of technology infrastructure and reinvest it back into their business. It allows companies to scale up or down to meet the fluctuating demands of customers.

The cloud allows start-ups to compete against large enterprises in fields that involve the storage, processing, and analysis of massive amounts of data. Therefore, to carve a niche for themselves and compete with the leading names in the tech world, small companies must adapt to these advanced tools.

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