also comes forth with a rewards program to honour its users with Cubs

The popular Indian Cryptoassets marketplace Coin Gabbar has announced an amazing new Rewards Program. Visit for latest crypto news, research, gem coins, and prices.

If anything can be said about the Crypto market of Today, it is UNCERTAINITY and LACK OF INFORMATION. A new tech venture in the domain CoinGabbar is filling this space by providing all the information and analysis at one place that shall enable the users to take better decisions, than wandering in the dark with insufficient information.

13000+ Crypto Coin listed

Coin Gabbar is providing detailed information of 13000+ Crypto assets on its website and is adding new crypto every day for users along with the detailing about all the Features of each crypto like Market Cap, Supply Quantity of Token, Source Code, Websites, Social Media Accounts, historical data, White Papers, Market Pairs to track active trading, Relevant News and Technical Chart for Active Traders.

ICO, IDO, Airdrop, Watchlist and Portfolio features

Users can also check out the Top Crypto Categories, Exchange data for Pairs & Volumes. Users can gain good margin by keeping a close watch on Initial Coin offering, Airdrops & upcoming event, where participating early can give good results. One of Most Important feature is to track coins which are selected for investment using watchlist & keeping an eye on the portfolio activities for tokens already invested. 

Gabbar Gem coin & Research Papers

Latest launch features also include Gem Coins which shares the detailed analysis of undervalued coins with its strong fundamental features. Also included a feature called Research Papers which include a 360-degree analysis of coin covering maximum aspect of coin life timeline. The most sought-after feature of Open Forum has also been enabled where users can put their views, queries, share information, ask questions related to cryptoassets or any token within the community and from experts

Research -> Select -> Invest

 “When we say that we are India’s first crypto marketplace, we do so with immense pride and humility. Ours is one of the most popular and most active community of users seeking cryptoassets latest news, Coin Gabbar Blogs, & Coin Gabbar Token Insights. We initiated the project with a view of educating the investors to choose coin wisely. The motto is “Research–Select–Invest, instead of getting lured by the lucrative offers of 100x / 1000x by meme & other shit coins, Mr. Sudeep Saxena, Co-Founder and Content Head of Coin Gabbar,  said in an interview who is CMA with 20 years of experience in Financial market research.

Gabbar Coin Index- 20 (GCI-20)

Coin Gabbar apart from educating the users also intend to make Cryptoassets market a more secured investment tool by introducing leverage tools for investors in future. Coingabbar has launched a marquee crypto assets tracking Index named GCI-20 with a base date as 26th January 2022 for tracking of Cryptoassets market performance. This index consists of highly researched top quality value picks that have potential to generate market beating returns for investors in Crypto space.

Mobile Application-Beta version launched

Coin Gabbar has launched its beta version for android users and soon in April second week full mobile application will be available to use for both Android and IOS users.

Initial User Rewards and earning programs

Coin Gabbar – the cryptoassets marketplace that holds the prized title of being the first service provider of its kind in India, is here with a Reward Program that no serious crypto investor would want to miss out on! The crypto assets information website is providing users with a chance to win a whopping 1.5 lakh Virtual Coin Gabbar Cubs – reward points that can be used to access premium features on the platform and will soon be capable of getting them eligible to airdrops of various other tokens and NFT’s as well. Users of the website can barely contain their excitement at this announcement.

Coin Gabbar, with this Rewards Program, is boosting the new users who can earn Gabbar Cubs by creating an account and verifying their email on the Coin Gabbar website. Existing users can take advantage of this scheme by verifying the mobile phone numbers, adding new users using their unique referral code, performing social media tasks and playing crypto market analysis games like Mock Trading, Predictions and more!

Mock Trading

This mock trading feature also gives the hang of investment in the Coin market without actually shelling out any money. This feature is to boost the user confidence in Crypto World before actually making any investment. Existing weekly prices are announced in the form of Giveaways & Virtual Cubs.

Portfolio Integration (Upcoming Feature) 

In Addition to the above fully loaded features, Coin Gabbar is also working on Multiple Portfolio Integration feature, which will be helpful in keeping a virtual portfolio of all the Crypto Assets at one place to watch and monitor the portfolio on a regular basis without inconvenience of logging in various exchanges (Centralized as well as Decentralized), every time to check your portfolio.

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