As Baadshah completed 20 years, many actors from the movies shared their experiences with fans sharing stills of the movie.

One of the actors from the movie, Karishma Jain Chhajer, daughter of Baadshah’s producer Girish Jain and niece of Ratan Jain, who played the young Sonu was interviewed by Bollywood Hungama, where she reminisced her experience with the movie and Shah Rukh Khan.

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In the movie, Sonu is a girl who has been kidnapped, and Shah Rukh Khan is hired by Sonu's father to get her back.


Karishma Praises SRK

Karishma Jain had a vital part in the film and her chemistry onscreen with Shah Rukh was adorable. Karishma spoke about shooting the film with Shah Rukh and said she had kicked Shah Rukh Khan on his butt. Karishma said, "The scene where we both slide down, usme timing baith hi nahi rahi thi (we couldn’t get the timing right). He slides down and I follow him and then he has to get up after which I kick him. So, he told Abbas and Mustan uncle to adjust the monitor towards him so that he can see when I am coming down and thus the timing can match. And I think I am the only girl in the whole world who has kicked Shahrukh Khan on his bum!"

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20 Years of Baadshah EXCLUSIVE “I am the only girl in the whole world who has kicked Shah Rukh Khan on his bum” - Karishma Jain Chhajer

“Shah Rukh Khan is a humble person”:
She also praised King Khan saying he is a very humble person. Many think he has a lot of attitude but that is not correct, Karishma said, adding that Shah Rukh Khan always helped her learn her lines and used to help her when she was stuck during scenes. Shah Rukh also would advise her to eat well and take care of her, Karishma said.


Karishma On 'Kicking' SRK On His Butt

She also praised Rakhee Gulzar, who played the role of Goa minister in the movie. She said Rakhee was like a mother to her on the sets and was very caring towards her.

Karishma said she was initially scared of Amrish Puri, as she remembered him as 'Mogambo' from his movie Mr India. However, she found herself very comfortable during the shoot. “In reality he was an opposite personality (to her initial perception) in real life”, she said