Female actors in the past have said they have found it difficult to get a male star attached to their film where they have a leading role.

When asked does something similar to her as well, Sonam told reporters, "It depends on the person and their confidence level, how they feel about themselves... My father did films like 'Beta', 'Ladla' and 'Mr India', where women had prominent roles and he was a superstar at that time." 

The actor said because she had seen her father being so progressive in his choices and therefore she could not understand why male actors are not thinking the same way today.

"I have been brought up to think it doesn't matter as long as the role is amazing. But there were a few, like Dhanush, Dulquer, Rajkummar and Ayushamann, who I worked with in a couple of films. There are a lot of these men out there and they are all doing better than everybody else right now.

"Because they realised its not about who's leading the film. It's about the film and what are you trying to say with the film. That's progressive, incredible and these days that's what's working -- progressive, content driven cinema," she added.

Sonam was speaking at the trailer launch of her upcoming film, "The Zoya Factor" co-staring Dulquer.

Directed by Abhishek Sharma, the film is an adaptation of Anuja Chauhan's book of the same name.

In the film, Dulquer is playing the role of the captain of the Indian Cricket team, while Sonam will be seen as an executive in an advertising agency.

"The Zoya Factor" is scheduled to release on September 20.