Pegasus Project: Why I am hesitant to defend the government but must

India's tragedy is, alas, it is a divided house today. Large sections of the opinion are averse to saying a nice word about the Modi government, especially progressive forces who can otherwise sense the hidden agenda behind the Pegasus Project to pressurise India, says MK Bhadrakumar 

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Saints of India: Santa Shishunala Sharif strove to mitigate differences between religions & preached oneness

 Shishunala Sharif was a saint from Karnataka who strove hard to bury the schisms and chasms created by religious bigotry and zealotry

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya

Incredible India! Sthanumalayan Temple in Tamil Nadu has significance to both Shaivaite and Vaishnavite sects

The Sthanumalayan Temple in Suchindram, in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu is important for both Shaivaite and Vaishnavite sects of Hinduism

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Epitome & exemplar of indefatigability, Modi enters 20th year of public life, etches himself a name in history

As PM Modi steps into his 20th year of public service, we can’t help but be awe of his indefatigability 

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya
18, Aug 2021, 8:42 AM

Netizens laud Nagpur cop for paying fine for auto driver who brought money from 5-yr-old son's saving

On social media, Nagpur City Police shared a photo of senior police inspector (traffic) Ajay Malviya returning the money from the piggy bank to the child.

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