Algeria has issued a document on October 18 listing the duties of employees and public servants including the ban on women wearing full-face veils, or burqa or niqabs at workplace.

Wearing burqa or nikab in workplace and public places is already banned in European countries like Denmark, France, Belgium, Bulgaria and Latvia.

The statement said, "Women are obliged to respect the rules and requirements of security and communication, which is at the level of their interests, and requires the recognition of their identity in an automatic and permanent manner, especially in the workplace." 

The document also included some instructions that were expected to be strictly followed. Clothes preventing women from carrying out their public duties are banned, it said.

This statement has been criticised by people. Many have argued how burqa obstructs women from doing their jobs.

Algeria government had earlier banned female students from wearing headscarves during tests or exams. It emphasised that it could be misused to cheat during exams.