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7 iPhone photography tips to take professional quality photos

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Keep iPhone's lens clean

Make sure you clean your lens for sharp and clear pictures. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens to get rid of dirt buildup and smudges. 

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Play with exposure

If you want to take crisp photos with depth, make sure to adjust your exposure settings. Tap and hold any part of the screen, and drag your fingers to adjust the exposure.

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Lock focus

You can press and hold the screen to lock focus on your subject. This is an AE/AF lock that ensures your subject is in focus even if you shake the camera. 

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Use apps for advanced features

You can make the best use of your iPhone camera with iPhone apps like ProCam, Halide, Camera+2, and Manual. These apps provide several features and enhance the pictures. 

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Utilize the compositional grid

Go to settings and to Photos and Camera to turn on the compositional grid on your camera. This is a great tool as it helps to visualize alignment of the subject and leading lines. 

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Try portrait mode

Position your subject neatly within the frame and ensure they are in focus and well-lit. Use the iPhone's depth slider to adjust background blur and focus. 

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Understand color theory for better composition

Understanding and implementing color theory is the best approach to taking a better picture. You need to learn to manage the involvement of contrasting and complementary colors. 

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