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Vrindavan to Dwarka: 7 Historic Mahabharata Sites in India

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Kurukshetra located in Haryana was where the big war in the Mahabharata happened. Legend says Lord Brahma did a ritual there, and there's a special pond called Brahma Sarovar.


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Vrindavan, located only 10 kilometers from Mathura, is where Lord Krishna spent the most of his youth playing with gopis and eating butter.

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Hastinapur, which is located in Meerut, was the capital of the Kuru clan. Hastinapur became the Pandava capital when the Mahabharata war finished. 


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Bhishma Kund

Bhishma Kund situated in Haryana, where Bhishma watched the Mahabharata War, is now a site with a temple beside a water tank, where Arjun made his arrow bed.

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During the Mahabharata, the region that is now South Bihar was known as Magad. Jarasandh, Magadh's monarch, had daughters who married Kans, whom Lord Krishna killed.


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It is situated on Gujarat's west coast. To protect the Yadavas, Lord Krishna moved his capital to Dwarka from Mathura. The Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka is devoted to Lord Krishna.


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Indraprastha is located in modern New Delhi. It served as the Pandavas' capital city.

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