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Try these 7 effective tips to lose belly fat at your desk

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Stay hydrated

It might sound vague, but trust me it works. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as sometimes thirst gets confused with hunger which leads to unhealthy snacking. 

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Be mindful of what you eat

Do not eat anything and everything at the work desk. Eat mindfully and try to incorporate healthy snacks and meals into your diet. 

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Take breaks and move

Do not forget to take short breaks and move your body to keep your muscles active. Do quick squats, lunges, or push-ups before returning to your desk. 

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Do desk stretches and exercises

Do light stretches and desk exercises like leg lifts, seated leg extensions, or seated Yoga to keep your body moving and burn calories. 

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Reduce caffeine and sugary drinks

Many desk dwellers rely on caffeinated drinks to stay alert and work. But it can backfire sometimes and be harmful to health. Try to limit sugary and caffeinated drinks. 

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Bring your own lunch

Homemade lunch is the best way to combat unhealthy eating at the desk. Try to pack a nutrition-dense meal to replenish your body to work efficiently and stay fit. 

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Reduce stress

Work stress can affect your physical and mental health. Try meditating and taking deep breaths in between work to stay positive and reduce stress. 

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