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Bullmastiff to greyhound: 7 Dog breeds that don't like human company

Image credits: Pinterest


These lovely giants might look adorable and cuddly, but they don't always need the attention of humans and love to have their own personal space sometimes. 

Image credits: Pinterest

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are adorable little dogs who are loved by all. However, sometimes these little furballs enjoy their alone time and don't want extra eyes on them. 

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These cuties are perfect couch buddies and do not require much human attention. 

Image credits: Freepik

Chow chow

These cuddly bears are large and protective dogs that do not need extra attention from humans. 

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Greyhounds can be lazy couch potatoes and don't require too much exercise or activity with their humans. 

Image credits: Pixabay

Boston Terrier

With their adorable eyes and beautiful coats, these dogs are extremely friendly but do not mind spending their time alone without any humans around. 

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Papillons are fluffy dog breeds with luxurious coats. They love their humans but also like to spend their sweet alone time. 

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